Set Foot in Your New and Improved Home

Evergreen, Arvada & Golden, and the surrounding areas wood flooring company lays a firm foundation

Treat yourself to a quality hardwood floor installation from the experts. Hunt Flooring, LLC works with both solid and engineered wood. Living and working in Evergreen Colorado, installing and refinishing wood floors in Evergreen, Golden, Arvada, and the surrounding areas for over 28 years, we are the craftsmen who have the practical knowledge to help you choose the right wood and Colorado VOC compliant finish that reflects your design preferences and needs.

Furthermore, we know how hardwood flooring and finishes respond at the various elevations we live at in Colorado and how they respond and hold up to the Colorado sun, changes in humidity, and climate in general. We also know how they respond to the various heating and cooling systems we may or may not have in our homes, dogs, children, and life in general and we'll provide you with the information you need to select the best products to meet your individual needs and tastes and how to maintain your investment after we have finished our work.

We can also install and finish solid wood treads and risers on your staircase in most cases or refinish your existing solid hardwood treads and risers. Call (303) 990-0212 for your hardwood flooring estimate today.

Is it time to remodel in Evergreen, Arvada or Golden, or the surrounding areas?

You know how to shop for new furniture and paint the walls, but you could use professional hardwood flooring installation assistance. Contact our flooring pros for assistance. We’ll talk through your options, which include:

  • Species and width of hardwood
  • The best Colorado VOC compliant finish
  • Color choice
  • Condominium covenant compliance

Additionally, we can reapply or replace baseboards. For more information about your Evergreen, Arvada & Golden, CO flooring installation, contact us now.